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A case manager of SOURCE contacted CHF about a member of hers that needed new dentures. He was having problems chewing his food and could not afford to buy dentures for himself since he lived on a fixed income. CHF was able to get him the dentures he needed.

When an individual lost her mother, she soon found out that her mother had no life insurance to cover the cost of the burial. She got together with her sisters and brothers to see how much money each of them could come up with to pay for the burial. She could not come up with her portion and had no where to turn. CHF was able to pay her portion of the funeral costs so that she could lay her mother to rest.

A facility lost a resident that had lived at that facility for more than thirty years. Without life insurance, there was no way to provide this resident a suitable burial. The facility managed to raise enough money to pay for the funeral service but still did not have the funds to pay for a headstone. CHF provided the funds this facility needed to purchase a nice headstone so that this resident could be remembered properly.

A stove broke down for one of our SOURCE members. She lives on a fixed income and simply did not have the extra funds to purchase a new one. Her case manager contacted CHF and we were able to arrange to have a new stove delivered to her the following day. This member was so grateful to be able to cook for herself again.

A case manager contacted CHF about one of her SOURCE members that she was desperately trying to help. The case manager was trying to get the member signed up for Section 8 housing. However, when they conducted the home inspection and found out the member did not have gas to heat or cook with, they informed her that she would need to get her gas tank filled by the time they came to do their second inspection. The member did not have the money to get her gas tank filled at that time. CHF was able to pay to get her gas tank filled. Not only did the member then have gas to heat and cook with, she was also able to pass her second inspection and qualify for Section 8 housing. This saved the member over three hundred dollars a month in rent, improving the quality of her life overall.
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Last Updated: 11/30/2011
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