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 Heart to Hands - Stories from the Heart

One individual was diagnosed with two brain aneurysms that both needed to be clipped. She was out of work for 28 weeks. She and her husband could barely afford the bills, much less pay for her COBRA insurance. Community Health Foundation, Inc. (CHF) stepped in to help by paying her COBRA insurance so that her health insurance would not lapse, allowing her to continue her medical care. She is the first person in the Middle Georgia area to have survived two surgeries of this kind and she has no lasting paralysis. She recuperated at home for some time and is now back to work and getting stronger every day.

Another individual was diagnosed with MS and went blind in one eye. She was a single mother and could not work for several weeks. CHF joined with her facility in seeing what we could do to ease her financial burden. We were able to pay several of her expenses and keep her afloat until her disability kicked in.

A tornado ripped through a Georgia town destroying the houses of two people. One associate was fortunate enough to have insurance to cover her needs but the other did not. CHF was able to provide financial assistance to the associate without insurance so that she would be able to provide shelter and clothing for her family. The facility and her community also pitched in to make sure her and her family’s needs were met while they struggled to put their lives back together.

After already having complications with her heart and her breathing, a dedicated associate received the news that her kidneys were not functioning well. She had to take some time off work to recover from her multiple medical conditions, resulting in the severe depletion of her finances. CHF was able to pay her rent and utilities for one month and provide extra financial assistance for food. Without this assistance, this employee was at risk of losing her home and having no heat in the cold winter months. She is now feeling much better.

An administrator contacted us about an associate who had lost her kitchen to a grease fire. The employee had no insurance to cover the damages and no spare finances to repair the damage. The facility was able to raise some funds to provide her with some kitchen items, but asked CHF to help replace her appliances. CHF was able to assist in this matter and now this employee can cook for her family once again.

CHF was made aware of an individual whose mother was terminally ill. This associate struggled to take care of her mother and her own family at the same time. The extra expenses began to take their toll on her until she did not know where to turn. CHF assisted her in paying several of her bills until she could get back on solid ground. Her mother has since passed away and this associate let CHF know that it took a big burden off of her and made a huge difference in her and her family’s lives. CHF allowed her to take care of, and then grieve for, her mother without having to worry about how she was going to provide for her family at the same time.

One associate had a particularly unfortunate set of events to take place in his life. Both of his sons were killed in an automobile accident. Soon after, one of his daughters was diagnosed with acute leukemia and became so sick that she had to be air lifted to Atlanta for treatment. On top of that, their youngest daughter started having health problems around the same time. Our associate was too proud to ask for any financial assistance but was not able to visit his daughter in the hospital because he could not afford to miss work. His administrator contacted us and CHF was able to provide some assistance so that he could be with his family. 

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Last Updated: 11/30/2011
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