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The Community Health Foundation takes pride in our stories of making a positive difference in the lives of many. Please click on the appropriate logo below to follow stories of our support of these charitable organizations. Also, various other links below will direct you to our more recent activities in changing someone's life. 

SOURCE Care Management - Extreme Home Makeover

The Community Health Foundation takes pride in its effort to rebuild a home torn apart by the winds of the 2004 hurricane season.  A client of SOURCE had her home damaged by the winds and rains of the various hurricanes that ripped through central Georgia during 2004.  The Foundation learned of her needs and began a project to restore her home to liveable conditions.  The first step was to replace the damaged roof.  The Foundation secured a roofing company (Skyline Construction Services, Inc.) that volunteered not only the services, but also the materials.  The roof was replaced in late 2004 and plans to restore the home were underway.  After much planning, the project got underway on Saturday, June 4, 2005.  Over many months, the projected continued until the home was dedicated to the Ross family on December 10, 2005.

Extreme Home Makeover Week 1 (June 4)

Extreme Home Makeover Week 2 (June 11)

Extreme Home Makeover Week 3 (June 18)

Extreme Home Makeover Week 4 (June 25)

Extreme Home Makeover Week 5/6 (July9/16)

Extreme Home Makeover Week 7 (July23/29)

Extreme Home Makeover Week 8 (August 13)

Extreme Home Makeover Week 9 (August 20/27)

Extreme Home Makeover (Nearing Completion)

Extreme Home Makeover (The Dedication)

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