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Extreme Home Makeover - Week 1

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Community Health Foundation began work on the restoration of a central Georgia home on June 4, 2005.  The Foundation plan for week one consisted of demolition and cleanup.  A crew of approximately 25 volunteers showed up early Saturday morning.  The crew immediately began clearing debris from the interior of the home.  Drywall, insulation and subflooring were ripped from the home and transported to the construction dumpster.  The crew also tackled the tedious task of removing all nails from the existing framework.  Old windows were removed and new ones installed. With the number of volunteers and a lot of sweat, the tasks for week one were completed just after lunch.  The family of the SOURCE client provided a grilled lunch for the workers.  It was a wonderful weekend full of hard work and good fellowship.  The Foundation thanks all who participated in this great cause. With continued financial gifts from its supporters and the overwhelming number of volunteers, the Foundation hopes to continue work with area communities.


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