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Extreme Home Makeover - Week 2

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Community Health Foundation began week 2 with the nonglamorous work.  Rotten floor joists need to be replaced.  The front porch need to be removed and new support joists placed. Other planned activity included nailing a new subfloor to the interior portions of the home.  Also, remaining debri from week one had to be hauled into the construction dumpster. 

A crew of approximately 12 volunteers showed up early Saturday morning.  The crew immediately began clearing debris from the rear of the home. Demolition of the front porch began as teams were organized to complete the day's tasks.

Again, the number of volunteers and their dedicated efforts allowed for the tasks to be completed by day's end, despite the heavy rains that fell. Clean up of the debris, replaced floor joists in the home's bathroom and reworked support at the front entrance made for a gratifying day's work.

Once again, the Foundation thanks all who participated in this great cause. With continued financial gifts from its supporters and the overwhelming number of volunteers, the Foundation hopes to continue work with area communities.

Last Updated: 12/02/2011
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