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Extreme Home Makeover - Week 3

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Community Health Foundation began week 3 with more destruction.  In previous weeks, the Foundation crew determined that the siding could not be salvaged and that the home would be more stable with outside sheathing.  Therefore, the morning began with the old siding being torn from the framing.  Work was initially slow; however, once the crew got into a groove the siding began to fall.  As the front siding fell, a crew began to follow behind with new sheathing.  Another crew completed the task of nailing the remaining subfloor in the interior hallway.

Approximately 10 volunteers participated this Saturday.  The weather was sunny (and hot).  As with the previous weeks, the participants gave all they had and the planned tasks were completed.  The interior subflooring is complete.  The front and one side of the exterior has new sheathing.  The doors and windows were removed to allow for the sheathing.  They were promptly replaced upon completion of the sheathing.

Again, the number of volunteers and their dedicated efforts allowed for a gratifying workday at the Ross Home.  As with week one, relatives of the Ross family provided a wonderful lunch for the workers.  Next week's plan includes the same as this week.  The remainder of the house will be sheathed and work will begin on the front porch.

Once again, the Foundation thanks all who participated in this great cause. With continued financial gifts from its supporters and the overwhelming number of volunteers, the Foundation hopes to continue work with area communities.

Last Updated: 12/02/2011
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