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Extreme Home Makeover - Week 4

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Community Health Foundation began week 4 with the same game plan as week 3. Work started as early as 6:30 a.m. as the old siding on the back and southern side of the home was ripped from the framing. The vapor barrier was removed and all of this debris was placed in the construction dumpster. As more volunteers showed, work moved to sheathing the now exposed areas of the framing. Saws were roaring and hammers pounding as sheet after sheet were placed on the exterior.

 Other planned activity also began as a crew of volunteer electricians arrived and began to rewire the entire structure. All materials and labor were donated by this gracious group of electricians from Southern Electricom. 

As the exterior sheathing and electrical work continued, another group of volunteers reconstructed the front porch. A stronger, more weather resistant porch was completed by the day's end.

A crew of approximately 20 volunteers showed up this fourth Saturday. The crew worked extremely hard throughout the morning battling the very humid temperature. With a lot of sweat and dedication, the crew made significant progress by lunch. Once again, volunteers provided a great lunch for the crew. After breaking for lunch, the crew returned to work and by day's end the electrical rough-in, the exterior sheathing and a new front porch were all completed.

Once again, the Foundation thanks all who participated in this great cause. With continued financial gifts from its supporters and the overwhelming number of volunteers, the Foundation hopes to continue work with area communities.


Last Updated: 05/30/2012
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