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Extreme Home Makeover - Week 6

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For the weekends of July 9 and 16 Vinyl Siding has been the big project. On Saturday July 9 our volunteers were joined by Tom Leyman and Cathy Lough. Tom and Cathy are regular volunteers with Habitat For Humanity, and their specialty is the installation of vinyl siding. With their expert help, the beautification of the exterior of the Ross home was underway.

In addition to the siding, the bathroom floor was completed in order to make it possible for the plumber to install the tub. The electricians continued to put the finishing touches on the roughing-in stage of their job. Also, during the week, the A/C unit was installed.

On Saturday July 16 the remainder of the vinyl siding was put up and new posts and pillars were added to the front porch. In case you did not know, it is warm most Saturdays in July in South Georgia. Taylor County Nursing Home continues to make sure we have plenty of water and other replenishing drinks.The Ross family has provided lunch for the volunteers for the last two Saturdays. Thanks to all.

Once again, the Foundation thanks all who participated in this great cause. With continued financial gifts from its supporters and the overwhelming number of volunteers, the Foundation hopes to continue work with area communities.

Last Updated: 12/02/2011
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